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Our Figventure with Destiny Rescue.

There aren’t many things or people that I get behind.  This gal is one of those people.  If she feels God is wanting her to do this, God will do it for her.  But, I want to help her get her desire out there. How do I describe Lacie… As with what she says about […]

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Growing the Family – Reblog

I’ve never met April in person. I know April because of a group we belong to on Facebook. What I know best about her is her growing fashion sense.  Online, April appears strong, outgoing and well put together.  But, April was harboring a secret.  She was keeping this secret from everyone, including her family. To me, this woman shows […]

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Entitlement.  A person or group claiming they have a right to something; a right to something that they didn’t necessarily earn,  a feeling they deserve it. The young couple mentioned in this GoFundme page leave me greasy with the idea that they feel entitled. In today’s society there are people who feel entitled. Hmmm…. And right at this moment […]

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Rogue Discs and Good People

There are still nice people in the world; and I received my reminder of that the other day. The goat and I were out for a walk. (If you want to know why I call my dog a goat, go HERE.) Since she needs to expend more energy then I, during these days of snow […]

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A Family Farm Needs a Hand

Recently I visited a Co-op Farm in Oregon. (Our Table Cooperative)  They sell food items with other farmers/producers that have a similar vision of sustainable and organic farming.  Last weekend, Our Table had the grand opening of their retail store, and I got the pleasure of being able to chat with the farmers and taste many of their […]

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