A Caregiver’s Story….ReGrowing Pains

***This post was originally written in July of 2017*** It’s almost been seven months since mom died.  My heart still has not chosen to believe that she is gone.  When I was visiting in Washington, I would have these thoughts, “Oh, I gotta call mom and tell her about this!” Then I would remember that […]

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Caregiver’s Story…. Equipment

  ***This post began in January of 2017*** Apria came and took away moms medical equipment.  Not only did she have a concentrator and bottle filler.  She had two emergency MM tanks in case of power failure. There were five refillable portable oxygen tanks, two size E non-refillables for traveling distances, and five additional non-refillables, […]

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DtDi Inspirations

Ever have one of those days when you compare yourself to others and that comparing makes you feel like trash? Yep, I am having one of those days. Today I am comparing myself with others and the beautiful people of FB;  and I am finding myself lacking. Mind you, I am not fishing for compliments […]

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Daring to Dream it.

These arrived in my mailbox this morning.  I am a bit excited.

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Our Figventure with Destiny Rescue.

There aren’t many things or people that I get behind.  This gal is one of those people.  If she feels God is wanting her to do this, God will do it for her.  But, I want to help her get her desire out there. How do I describe Lacie… As with what she says about […]

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