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Why the Dying See Their Deceased Relatives Before They Go –

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A Caregiver’s Story….Hospitals and Hospice

For the first time since mom moved in with us, she ended up in the hospital. Her body wasn’t cooperating and needed help to remove excess fluid; her body wouldn’t do it on its own. When mom and I were living in Washington, she went to the hospital about every three to six months to have excess […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. A Short Conversation on Death.

This morning we packed up to head to mom’s dentist.  The appointment itself was uneventful, only a routine cleaning.  The excitement came with a flying  from outta nowhere rock that spider webbed moms windshield. I don’t think that they can fill this one.  The windshield will probably need to be replaced. Despite the excitement of […]

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