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A Caregiver’s Story….Hospitals and Hospice

For the first time since mom moved in with us, she ended up in the hospital. Her body wasn’t cooperating and needed help to remove excess fluid; her body wouldn’t do it on its own. When mom and I were living in Washington, she went to the hospital about every three to six months to have excess […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. In Sickness

Mom has a full-fledged mega bug and her fever has gone as high as 100.7 She is losing her strength and won’t/can’t walk to the toilet so she is using the portable commode to poop and throw up.  When she vomits, she is only puking bile because there was no food in her stomach to […]

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A Caregiver’s Story….The Switch Part Deux

It is a blustery rainy day. Mom is in still in bed and I hope to high heaven that I get things finalized with the equipment company today.  I need the switch to be over with, so I can relax. This switch has been a complete cluster.  Our new company indicates that there is a […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. The Switch

It was a day from Hell. There, I actually said it. Before I went out of town, “The Switch” was set up and everything should have gone smooth as silk.  Sigh. The switch wasn’t even close to going smooth; it was more like being dragged behind a moving vehicle over gravel type smooth. The company […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. The Cat’s Away the Mice will Play

My sister and brother in law stayed with mom while I was taking care of my own home. Gratefully, they extended their stay in order to pick me up at the airport. Mom is no longer comfortable driving farther then the nearest store so,  I appreciated the ride as it saved me the cost of […]

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