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A Caregiver’s Story….The Switch Part Deux

It is a blustery rainy day. Mom is in still in bed and I hope to high heaven that I get things finalized with the equipment company today.  I need the switch to be over with, so I can relax. This switch has been a complete cluster.  Our new company indicates that there is a […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. Tension

I spent quite a few stressful hours on the phone trying to transfer mom’s oxygen service from hospice to a new, licensed with Medicare, home oxygen company. By the way, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there’s been a few changes in the health care system recently. Uggh. My initial interaction […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. Sisu

Today was a day spent fighting with different companies about bills and refunds. I spoke with moms last durable equipment company about the condensers and paraphernalia mom has to return. (The hospice requires that we use their contracted company.) Mom still has their battery operated portable, three batteries (two of them are four hour batteries […]

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