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Warning, Article With Language – Reblog

I have gotten so tired of articles that dictate what a woman of a certain age should or should not be wearing.  As the title suggest, there is language in it.   Source: 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear Advertisements

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The art of reduction – Reblog

It occurred to me when I ordered up a tall blond. I rarely go to Starbucks, preferring my own coffee. But today, my power went out in the early morning. The Starbucks drive-through was my option. A… Source: The art of reduction


Growing the Family – Reblog

I’ve never met April in person. I know April because of a group we belong to on Facebook. What I know best about her is her growing fashion sense.  Online, April appears strong, outgoing and well put together.  But, April was harboring a secret.  She was keeping this secret from everyone, including her family. To me, this woman shows […]

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my 6 reasons

I have a  talented friend.  A friend you say?  Darin’ actually has friends??  OK, I admit it, I DO have friends and truly, all my friends are talented but not all of them have a blog post that I want to share.  This lovely person is the one who helped me Blue it Up for […]

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A moment for Mesothelioma … no more exposure to asbestos. Please press the button.

I was asked to share this blog for educational purposes.  I have heard of Mesothelioma but have never met anyone with this particular cancer. Please take a moment to pop on over and take a read. A moment for Mesothelioma … no more exposure to asbestos. Please press the button..


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